Weber 32/36 Main jets


A small but essential component for your 32/36 Weber carburettor, these Jets sit at the base of your fuel bowl - one for each runner in the carb.

They are interchangeable, meaning you can run the same style of jet between primary and secondary systems. These Jets are essentially a mechanical fuel flow regulator from the fuel bowl to the emulsion system, therefore the larger the hole (jet size) the more fuel will eventually flow to each cylinder for the same amount of airflow at a given speed.

Every engine has different requirements in regards to an optimal jetting, so we recommend a Dyno tuning session or alternatively you should fit an onboard lambda sensor to refine the air to fuel ratio for your particular engine.

If you are ever in doubt of the mixture settings and you have no way of checking the lambda, always opt for the richer (larger) jet sizes to ensure the engine doesn’t run too lean and cause major internal engine damage.

These jets are available in the following sizes:

140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190

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