Our Services

Motorsport - it's what we do.

From ground up restorations on rare and iconic racing cars, through to full-season racing programs, we have you covered.

We specialise in open-wheel racing cars, big and small.

Formula Ford Historic
  • Ground-up restoration (modern and historic).
  • General racing car servicing.

  • Hewland Mk8/9 transaxle servicing.

  • State and national racing programs.

  • Vehicle set-up and tuning.

  • Engine tuning and maintenance.

  • Trackside servicing for arrive & drive packages.

  • Race car transport.

  • Driver coaching.

  • International driver/vehicle logistics.

  • Race car livery design.

  • Car wrapping and signwriting services.


Superfinished Gear ratios

Engine Dyno Tuning

We now have the latest technology in hub dyno systems in-house at Ellery Motorsport.

Our hub dyno connects directly to the hubs of your racing car, guaranteeing no data is misinterpreted due to tyre variations, wheel spin or tiedown variations.

Our dyno accepts engines up to 500hp at the wheels and both front and rear wheel drive cars.

We supply a full range of hub adapters to suit various PCD in five-stud and four-stud hubs. We also have a centre-lock adaptor kit available, to suit four-pin centre-lock rims, such as Ralt, Radical, Sports2000, etc.

Thanks to the advanced performance of our 2018-model Dynapack hub dyno, we can offer the following services in-house: 

  • Engine test and tune

  • Engine benchmarking

  • Engine break-in process

  • Rear brake pad bedding

  • Drivetrain components test

Dyno Tuning Ford Kent