Weber 32/36 DGV Floats (Spansil)


These genuine Weber 32/36 DGV Plastic floats are a component that might possibly be the most mis-understood part of the 32/36 DGV. Most people struggle to find a correct float level on worn out originals, ending up adjusting the height tabs relentlessly without consideration. Often it's the case that it isn't float related at all and the issue lies elsewhere.

Our plastic floats come ready to go out of the box and we often bolt these delicate items straight into our race engines with the factory droop setting. 

If you're having issues with float level on your DGV carb, the best option is to purchase a brand new needle and seat and also fit in a new plastic float, with the factory setting. Unless the vehicle is dealing with consistent G-Forces (Over 2G Lateral) then the factory float setting should deliver adequate fuel right up to 150hp, which is about the limit of the carb when run as a single unit.

We currently run genuine Weber plastic floats, unmodified, in all of our race engines (not brass).

Sold each.