Weber 32/36 DGV throttle return spring


This genuine Weber 32/36 Throttle return spring keeps tension on the secondary linkage on your weber 32/36 carburettor. This spring is crucial in retaining the secondary butterfly and keeping it lightly pressed against the carb body during idle and low throttle percentages. 

In some racing applications we have incredibly harsh vibrations running through the entire vehicle, which can be car specific and usually stems from the chassis/engine mounting. This vibration almost always leads to a shortened lifespan of these original weber springs, so we check these regularly.  Some drivers report a flat spot off the corner or a high idle speed when returning to the pits. This linkage spring is the first item to check.

The engine will still run even when this spring breaks, but the secondary butterfly will be essentially oscillating without any control until the throttle is open to the point where the lever linkage takes over mechanically.

We sell these genuine Weber springs each.