Weber 32/36 DGV rebuild kit


This genuine Weber 32/36 rebuild kit allows you to freshen up your old carburettor and get it running like new again.

We only use and sell genuine Weber parts and this service kit is no exception, so don’t be fooled by cheaper alternatives often sold online.

This kit comes with a wide range of commonly wearing items such as the needle and seat assembly, the accelerator pump diaphragm, alongside a collection of O-rings, gaskets and sealing washers.

Some very high mileage Weber 32/36 carbs have small fuel weeps from the float housing (top section on the carb) and the accelerator pump diaphragm lever - this will present itself as a grime that covers the entire carb. Once a carb gets to this level of age it can be considered a perfect candidate for a rebuild (service) kit.

Sold as a kit.