Weber carburettor 32/36 DGV manual choke


This is a Genuine Weber 32/36 Carb with a mechanical cable choke assembly pre-fitted.

The mechanical choke assembly is a clever butterfly arrangement with a separate shaft that prevents large quantities of air entering the manifold on startup. If needed, this choke assembly can be removed at a later date and the carb will still function. The choke butterflies are opened, by hand, from a cable that would run back into the cockpit of the car. There are literally thousands of different variations of this cable assembly and most are compatible with this linkage.

This genuine Weber 32/36 DGV carburetor is ready for use straight from the box. These authentic Weber carburetors, now manufactured in Spain, generally outperform worn-out originals. Over time, aged units may develop throttle shaft wear, leading to vacuum leaks and tuning challenges. If your old carb's throttle shaft wobbles, an upgrade is in order.

Engines can respond positively to a new carb with identical jetting. With a flow rate of 230cfm, the Weber 32/36 theoretically supports horsepower up to 300hp, but is much more likely to feed engines generating 50hp to 180hp. We usually set fuel pressure at 3psi to ensure the fuel bowl remains stable under all conditions.

As a two-stage carb, the 32/36 Weber is strong when it comes to fuel efficiency and provides strong acceleration when the throttle is pinned down and the power is needed. With precise idle control and good throttle response, it's a versatile carburettor for a range of different applications.

Tell us your preference on jetting in the notes during checkout otherwise we will provide the carburettor with our standard jetting to suit a Ford Kent 1600cc. If you aren’t sure what jetting you need, tell us your vehicle and engine and we can provide the carb with jetting that should land close to the mark.

Note: For the ultimate in drivability and refinement, we generally recommend that our customers take their car/engine to a dyno facility and refine throttle transitions under load, idle tuning and the air fuel ratio under throttle with your specific car and engine. For our Australian customers, we can do this for you on our own dyno at an additional cost.

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