Weber 32/36 DGV carburettor - no choke


This new Weber 32/36 DGV carburettor is prepped for use right out of the box.

We have even seen these carburettors make adequate horsepower figures on our dyno with a full race spec Formula Ford engine.

These genuine Weber 32/36 carburettors are now made in Spain, and would perform above and beyond a worn out original. On some original, high mileage units that are decades old, the throttle shafts will eventually wear out the die cast carb body and allow various uncontrolled vacuum leaks to form, which can hamper tuning refinement and horsepower potential. This can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to overcome. You can check your old carb shafts by hand, just wobble the throttle shaft and see if it moves or if it’s tight. If it’s moving up and down, the easiest option is to purchase a new carburettor.

We have often seen engines respond well to a brand new carb with exactly the same jetting as the old carb. 

The Weber 32/36 carburettor flows around 230cfm and therefore can theoretically support horsepower figures up to around 300hp (from an airflow perspective). Whilst this is substantially higher than what most people expect, realistically this carb is perfect for engines that generate horsepower figures of between 50hp to 180hp, due to manifold design and fuel flow demand.

Fuel pressure running into this Weber should be set at around 3psi, which is usually done with a mechanical fuel pump. The needle and seat assembly struggles to cope with anything above 8psi, due to the available leverage force of the float.

Being a two-stage carb, the 32/36 is very good for fuel efficiency and it still has the ability to pull hard when both throttle plates are opened. It also has very good manners on idle with a fantastic idle circuit and fuel enrichment when the throttle is mashed down suddenly.

Tell us your preference on jetting in the notes during checkout otherwise we will provide the carburettor with our standard jetting to suit a Ford Kent 1600cc. If you aren’t sure what jetting you need, tell us your vehicle and engine and we can provide the carb with jetting that should land close to the mark.

Note: For the ultimate in drivability and refinement, we generally recommend that our customers take their car/engine to a dyno facility and refine throttle transitions under load, idle tuning and the air fuel ratio under throttle with your specific car and engine. For our Australian customers, we can do this for you on our own dyno at an additional cost.

Sold each. Free shipping Australia wide.