Heavy Duty Single Valve Springs (set of 8)


These Australian Made, high quality, race capable valve springs offer both outstanding performance and durability for a non-tapered, single-wound valve spring.

With a total weight of 35 grams each, we have successfully used these valve springs in many of our Formula Ford race engines to many race wins. These springs are legal with Australian FF1600 regulations.

Capable of running up to 8,000RPM depending on the application. For a Formula Ford engine we recommend keeping the peak RPM just under 7,000 RPM to ensure valvetrain longevity.

We generally replace these items when we are freshening up a cylinder head, and have seen them last as long as 5,000 racing km without failure or radically varied seat pressures.

In a lower RPM, fast road environment they should last just as long as the valve seats.

These single valve springs will fit Ford Crossflow and Pre Crossflow OHV Kent engines.

Sold as a set of 8 springs.

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