Inlet manifold blanking cover, Weber 32/36 carburettor


Designed using 3D modelling software, this blanking cover ensures no foreign matter can enter your inlet manifold during repair or while in storage.

If you have a spare engine sitting around, this cover is perfect to keep insects and other unwanted objects from entering your engine.

If you remove your Weber 32/36 carburettor for even a short period of time, this cover is great for keeping bolts or other pieces of debris out of the manifold, just slip the cover over the studs during servicing.

Universally designed to suit a massively wide range of different manifolds, so long as they have the Weber 32/36 mounting flange pattern.

This cover can be softly attached via a regular set of nuts that are used to retain your Weber carb, or alternatively just sit it on and let gravity and the studs hold it in situ.

Made from highly durable ABS material and 3D printed to exacting tolerances. Comes with x2 blank white round vinyl labels for identification of different engines etc.

Coloured in a vibrant Red to ensure it is visible, sold each.

Please Note: this cover is intended to cover the carb mounting face during repair/storage only. This cover is to be removed prior to engine operation. Photos are shown with a Kent Formula Ford manifold to demonstrate fitment only, manifold is not included.

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