Brake Pads - Ferodo FRP201R


We use Ferodo brake pads in all of our race cars. Using the Ferodo brand gives us peace of mind, knowing that we are using one of the best quality brake pads in the world.

These brake pads will fit Caterham Stock AP up-grade cars (front) and race cars equipped with the following calipers:

  • ALCON - PNF4463X554
  • ALCON - PNF0083X264
  • ALCON - PNF4463X555
  • ALCON - PNF4463X568
  • AP RACING - CP2361

We have found that some early 1980s F2 and F3 cars use these brake pads.

Take a look at through the product photos of the pad measurements if you have any doubts.

A cross referencing list is below:

  • ALCON - PNF0084x264.4
  • ALCON - PNF4463x554
  • ALCON - PNF4463x554.4
  • ALCON - PNF4463x581.4
  • AP RACING - CP2340D51
  • PAGID - 1265

    About the "R" Compound:

    This pad - Ferodo FRP 201R is commonly referred to by many as the "Soft" compound. The "R" compound is a heavy duty all-round material choice which is used often in touring car racing, GT, single seaters and rally applications. In a formula car, this provides a nice initial bite with easy modulation through a braking zone.

    The compound has an average friction coefficient 0.48 over a working temperature range of 200-650deg C and is very kind to the discs.

    What comes in the box?

    Inside the box you will receive what is known as an "Axle Set" of brake pads (x4 individual pads) which will fit out x2 calipers. Inside the box you will also receive a Ferodo Sticker, along with a warning label to remind the driver the pads are new (handy for workshops or race teams).

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