Clutch drive plate


These top shelf, high quality clutch plates are ideal for your standard or high performance road applications, and we use them in our Formula Ford racing engines to great success. These will suit Ford Crossflow OHV Kent engines fitted with standard flywheels.

After 10+ years of testing different brands and types in the Motorsport arena, we’ve landed on these as our preference. We often see these plates withstanding 6,500 RPM stationary clutch drops at a race start with no issues.

These plates are made in Japan and feature 4 high quality dampening springs and suit a 20 spline input shaft (Standard Ford). These plates feature excellent bite feel for the driver.

We generally suggest regular inspection for racing use as they are a wear item. For a road application they can last decades dependant on mileage and quantity of start/stop driving.

Sold each. Total weight (when new) is 965 grams.

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