Formula Ford brake caliper


The “LD19” brake caliper is a reliable, strong, cast iron unit as used in hundreds of Formula Ford vehicles from the 1970’s to present. This is the replacement for the original CP2505 “LD19” caliper, using modern design and casting methods to improve any discrepancies found on 40+ year old originals.

This modern unit runs a dual bleed screw configuration for straightforward fitment on any corner of the vehicle and allows different orientations (left or right). It is coated with an anti-corrosion zinc plating which gives it an identical visual appearance to the originals.

Using a 1.625inch sized piston on both left and right, these calipers are known to provide years of trouble free racing in a Formula Ford application. Replacement piston seals are readily available and we sell these separately if needed.

Uses the exact same pads as an original LD19 caliper and split pins (cotter pins). We sell these separately in various compounds if required.

Please note: Modern “Duratec” powered vehicles in Australia often have these calipers at the rear of the vehicle and a larger Aluminium caliper at the front. Please check what you have before ordering.

- Lug Mount, 89mm x 19.1mm centres.
- Cast Iron body. 
- Bright passivated Zinc surface treatment.
- Suits Ø254mm x 7.1mm solid disc.
- Steel Pistons.
- Piston dirt seals fitted.
- High temperature seals.
- Split pin pad retainer.

Suits our stock of FCP342 Ferodo brake pads.

Sold each - in a ready to race condition - just bolt to car and bleed hydraulic system.

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