Bodywork retainer clip - billet


Stylish O-Ring style bodywork retaining clip, designed to provide clamping force between two panels.

Commonly found on historic racing cars, this retaining clip system is a lightweight, quick release alternative which allows for vibrations and flexibility on panels such as fibreglass or carbon fibre. Panels can be removed without tools (just use your hands) and you can replace the only wearing item (O-Ring) for a very low cost.

Great aerodynamic and weight advantages over a lever catch system or a leather strap mount.

Countersunk top face allows for a 3/16 countersunk bolt. Appropriately sized metric bolts or long countersunk rivets will also fit, it depends on what best suits your application and panel type.

Provided in natural aluminium, these can be easily painted or anodised to suit your bodywork colour.

CNC machined in Australia. Sold each, O-Rings or retaining bolts are not supplied as these will vary with application.

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