Titan dry sump 5 port oil pump



This 5 port oil pump is the latest evolution of the original “Pace” dry sump pumps, used from the 1960’s onwards.

Designed to work on a wide range of Kent crossflow and earlier Pre-Crossflow engines, the drive gear for the pump is located internally, meshing at 90 degrees against the camshaft or Jackshaft gear, flooded by oil.

This results in a durable, plug and play dry sump system with the ability to run oil coolers, a separate oil tank and remote oil filter(s) on your Kent engine.

To use this system on a normal wet sump engine, a pickup fitting is required in the sump to scavenge the oil and a remotely mounted oil tank is required.

A dry sump system allows for a much shorter sump which means the engine can be lowered massively within the car. It also gives the added protection of constant oil feed at the pressure side for high G-Force loading. These pumps were a game changer in the early days of race-conversions for Ford Kent engines due to the wide range of advantages.

These pumps were used on many formula Atlantic, Formula 2, Formula 3, Rally and a wide range of Formula Ford applications.

Features 5/8 BSPP female threaded ports. Aluminium construction with precision machined internal rotors.

Scavenge rotor width 1.125inch to provide ample oil return.

The oil pressure relief valve system is internally integrated to allow for simple adjustment to oil pressure (can even be done with engine operating).

Sold each.

This oil pump suits Ford Crossflow OHV Kent, Ford Lotus Twin Cam 8v 1558cc and Ford Cosworth BD Series 16v engines.

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