Crankshaft Big End Bearings - STD


ACL Race Series crankshaft big end bearing shell set to fit standard 7/8" journal for Ford crossflow and pre-crossflow OHV Kent engines.

These bearings are standard, please see the table below with measurements in inches and millimetres to see if these bearings will suit your crankshaft. 

These connecting rod bearings are sold in a set. The set contains 8 half shells, with 4 of the shells designed with oiling squirter holes as per the original Ford design. One set completes one 4-cylinder engine.

We have the following sizes available:


- 1thou under (0.001")

- 10thou under (0.010")

- 20thou under (0.020")

Your engine should use STANDARD if your crankshaft journal size is between 1.937” and 1.938” (metric 49.195mm and 49.215). See size chart below to help you identify the right bearings for your engine. We suggest checking that you are installing the correct bearing size by using plastigauge prior to final assembly.

Crankshaft measurements for big end bearing sizes

Bearing size (nominal) Crankshaft journal diameter (inches) Crankshaft journal diameter (mm)
1.937" - 1.938"
49.195mm - 49.215mm
10th under 1.927" - 1.928" 48.945mm - 48.965mm
20th under 1.917" - 1.918" 48.687mm - 48.707mm


These bearings will suit a range of “Kent” engine variants including Pre-crossflow, crossflow and fiesta, some BDA blocks and some Twin Cam.

Please note that some Lotus Twin Cam and Cosworth BDA engines are compatible however some engines were supplied by Ford with a narrower crank journal. These bearings fit the 7/8” Journal (22.2mm) which is common. They will not work with the narrow 3/4" (19mm) journal.

Does not fit Cosworth BDD.

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