Varley Red Top 25


Ellery Motorsport are the sole distributor for all Varley Red Top and VRT Lithium batteries in Australia.

Varley Red Top is known in the battery market for quality, reliability and experience. Varley Red Top have been providing the motorsport industry with high-performance batteries since the 1950s. Many Formula One world Championships have been won thanks to the reliability of Varley Red Top batteries.

Varley Red Top 25 (VRT-25)

The Varley Red Top 25 is usually used in similar applications as the VRT-20 but offers slightly more cranking power and capacity. The VRT-25 can be used in Formula Ford 1600, Historic F3, Formula Vee, Motorcycle engined cars, Radical cup, Sports 2000, Formula Renault, Caterhams and various 4 cylinder clubmans.

The Varley Red Top 25 (VRT-25) is a lightweight, reliable and compact solution for small capacity engines running an alternator. It is slightly larger in CCA than both the VRT-15 and VRT-20. Essentially it is also larger in dimensions than the VRT-15 and VRT-20. We use the VRT-25 in our fleet of Formula Ford racecars as we are usually running Motec systems with no alternator. We find these batteries rarely need to be recharged between sessions - even after a full day of on track activities.

This battery is a 12 volt battery with low profile M6 female terminal threads.

It features a maximum torque output of 6.8Nm.

The VRT-25 has a 20Ah capacity.

External surface dimensions sizes are as follows:

Width: 181mm

Depth: 77mm

Height: 167mm

Total weight of this battery is 7.0kg.

The Cranking Amps at 0 degrees C is 310a. The Cold Cranking Amps at -18 degrees C is 230a.

This battery can be mounted in any direction. We recommend soft mounting this battery, however Varley Red Tops are known for fantastic resilience against harmonic frequency and harsh vibrations.

Maintenance free sealed construction finished with a gloss black finish. No fluid replacement is required (often known as topping up).

Sold each, comes complete with M6 terminal bolt kit.