Ford Kent Mahle Piston


Mahle 1600 Kent piston, suitable for a standard bore 1600 Kent engine. Made in Germany to exacting tolerances. These are beautifully made and packaged items. CNC machining over a high quality casting.

Design incorporates valve cut-outs and central combustion bowl, to suit a standard 1600 Kent. Complete with gudgeon pin (wrist pin) and circlips. For racing purposes we machine these further to suit our compression ratio and to get as close as possible to the CC allowances.

These are the type of pistons we use on our own Formula Ford racing engines and we have yet to see a piston failure due to any manufacturing defect. Highly durable and quality piston, with Mahle rings included.

Weight 556.5 grams each (including rings, pin and circlips) plus or minus a quarter of a gram. These pistons are sold each.